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Rebuilding a Heap–Don’t Do It

I saw someone mention recently that you can run a REBUILD on a heap table. I hadn’t realized that, but when I looked in BOL, I saw that indeed you can run this on a heap. That’s interesting, in that … Continue reading

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Reframing to Overcome Filtered Index Limitations

I’m continuing on with the Blogger’s challenge in this post. Turning the Problem Around In the last post, I wrote about limitations in filtered indexes. I proposed that my table had lots of data with NULL or blank spaces in … Continue reading

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April Blogger Challenge 4–Filtered Index Limitations

The April Blogger Challenge is from Ed Leighton-Dick and aimed at new bloggers, but anyone is welcome. I’m trying to motivate and cheer people on. Filtered Index Limits I ran across a limitation recently with filtered indexes and was surprised. … Continue reading

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The DBA Team #1–Code and Slides

Our first DBA Team event, in Richmond, VA just before SQL Saturday #187 went well. Overall I think our experiment was a success and we’re already talking about where and when we might do this again. In the meantime, we … Continue reading

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