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Hiring Heterogeneously

I wrote recently about tech interviews and hiring, and even on an interesting interviewing technique for senior people. However we need to hire more than just senior people. We need to hire junior people, and intermediate people. Those roles are important … Continue reading

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The Lighter Side of Technical Interview Questions

I hate those puzzle type interview questions. I am sure that they show some level of aptitude about something, but I’m not typically a puzzle person. I’m a let’s solve this person, and I rarely figure out the answers. Someone … Continue reading

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We Are Not a Meritocracy

I’ve heard a few times over the last month that the technology business ought to be a meritocracy, where people are hired, promoted, and fired based on their skills and talents. It’s usually accompanied by a mandate that everyone should  … Continue reading

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I’m a Midnight DBA

Well, not really. However when I was recently up in Seattle, Jen and Sean McCown contacted me about being on their show and doing an interview. I agreed, and we met late, as in starting around 9:30pm one night, to … Continue reading

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