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Methodical Testing

Performance tuning is a challenge for many data professionals. Often, it’s also a task that we struggle to find time to perform in many environments. Developers have new features to build and DBAs have plenty of other work. As a … Continue reading

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Demo Data for Everyone

As someone learning about DevOps, I follow a number of people, one of whom is Gene Kim. When I see him get excited about a post, I usually read it. That’s how I found this post on Demo Data as … Continue reading

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Republish: A T-SQL Code Testing Guide

The day after  Thanksgiving, and a holiday. So you get to read A T-SQL Code Testing Guide. Please do, I’m a fan of testing.

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Practical Refactoring

Today I hosted a webinar with Gene Kim (@RealGeneKim) and we had a fantastic discussion. I was slightly star struck since I’ve been reading his work and quoting him for years in talks about Database DevOps. It feels like I … Continue reading

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