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Demo Data for Everyone

As someone learning about DevOps, I follow a number of people, one of whom is Gene Kim. When I see him get excited about a post, I usually read it. That’s how I found this post on Demo Data as … Continue reading

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Republish: A T-SQL Code Testing Guide

The day after  Thanksgiving, and a holiday. So you get to read A T-SQL Code Testing Guide. Please do, I’m a fan of testing.

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Practical Refactoring

Today I hosted a webinar with Gene Kim (@RealGeneKim) and we had a fantastic discussion. I was slightly star struck since I’ve been reading his work and quoting him for years in talks about Database DevOps. It feels like I … Continue reading

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Building Test Data

One of the debates I’ve seen over the last few months is about test data in development environments. As I’ve been preparing for and learning more about the GDPR, it seems that many companies are concerned about holding sensitive data … Continue reading

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