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A 22 Hour Layover

I joked about having a 22 hour layover in Denver yesterday and a few people were wondering what airline screwed me this time. That made me laugh, because they didn’t get the joke. I got home yesterday at 3:30pm from … Continue reading

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Dude, where’s my memory?

A session I have wanted to see. Marciej Pilecki has done this before with high ratings and I have missed until today He starts with a description of how memory is allocated in the 32 and 64 bit systems. One … Continue reading

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Brad McGehee talking about tempdb issues

Brad presented a session that tries to help you identify and fix tempdb problems. Performance monitor is your friend. the local disks, avg read and write counters should help you determine if I/O is an issue. Watch for systems where … Continue reading

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Extended Events at SQL Server Connections with Jonathan Kehayias

I was very interested to hear Jonathan Kehayias’ session on extended events. I know this is one of the areas i need work and it is becoming a more important part of SQL Server with each version. Beginning with a … Continue reading

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