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Winding Down

I’m trying to finish up the last few things here at work before taking the weekend off. I scheduled off the next two days and plan on tiling my bathroom. Tia says it’s not really time off, but it’s a … Continue reading

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Heading Down to the Basement

I’m taking the next two days off, heading down into the basement for a four day weekend. Nothing particular going on, just a little stressed with life. Between work here and a busy life with kids, I realized a few … Continue reading

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Temp tables and scope

I saw a question recently about temp tables and when I was answering it, I learned something. With this code: create table MyTable (ID int) go create proc MyProc    @id int as   create table #test (id int)   … Continue reading

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Storing the Sun’s Energy – Solar Power

I stumbled on this article about a spin-off from MIT using solar power to create hydrogen. I think it’s a great idea, one that I’d like to have working in my house, but it’s not as simple as having a … Continue reading

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Back From Vacation and Making a Big Mistake

I actually got back from camping Sat night, but since I wasn’t scheduled to come back until Sun afternoon, I avoided the computer. I let both the desktop and laptop remain at idle, not even checking personal email until Sun … Continue reading

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Out of Space

It seems that often I see posts that say “I’m out of space on my drive, what do I do?” The answer, as with most anything in SQL Server is, it depends. Backups The most common issue I see for … Continue reading

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The last good date for your database

I was reading the most recent issue of TechNet from Microsoft one morning and flipped through the column on SQL Server. This is one of the few paper magazines I get, and for some reason I see things in there … Continue reading

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It’s the interaction

This is a great write-up that shows what is important in a phone. It’s how you interact with it, not the features, not the specs, it’s how you use it. I tend to agree with that. With both the G1 … Continue reading

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Fun with Firewalls

We have a couple of boxes at a local Denver co-location facility for the training business, SQL Share. Our firewall died a few weeks ago, and so I called a friend that I’ve typically used for network stuff. He found … Continue reading

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Searching for Data in Images

I tried out Bing’s new visual search after seeing a few people note it on Twitter. I was a little excited to try it, thinking that it might help me to find images for the editorials easier. It didn’t, and … Continue reading

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