‘Tis the Season for SQL Leaving

With the announcement of Brent Ozar (Blog | Twitter ) leaving Quest for SQL Skills, Exceptional DBA finalist Jorge Segarra (blog | twitter) taking a new job far from the Novice Chef, Kathi Kellenberger getting a new job, and more, a few people pinged me to ask if I were next.


I have the best job in the world (I need to blog that!) and I love it. It fits my life wonderfully, I have a good balance, I get to do things I enjoy, at my pace, I get to ski during the week, what more could I want?

Actually I’m sure there are things I’d want, and I could do better, but overall I have a great job.

And I have a contract. With Red Gate being a UK company, people have employment contracts, and even though I’m a US guy, I have one. It’s fairly binding and I have to give months notice to leave. However it’s fair in that Red Gate has to give me equal notice, so I have good job security in the short term as well.

Provided I don’t do anything egregiously stupid, which I try not to do every day.

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