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Memorial Day

A holiday in the US, commemorating the men and women who have died in the service of our country. Most years in the US, I’ve spent the day with family, starting summer, and while we remember those in the military, … Continue reading

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Auditing Failed Logins – SQL Server 2008

I wrote about setting up a basic server audit recently. That showed about how a server level audit is set up, but that’s a just a shell. The audit itself is just a container in which you can store various … Continue reading

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Adding Space to a Home Server

I got new drives for my Windows Home Server the other day and decided to add some space to the box. I don’t need the space so much as I’d like to be sure that I’m protected with some extra … Continue reading

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Reporting Services – Building the first report

One of my goals this year was to spend some time learning Reporting Services. Not necessarily do the 10,000 hours to become an expert, but perhaps the 100 hours or so Andy Warren mentioned in his Professional Development presentation. I’ve … Continue reading

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Quick Audits of Schema Changes

I saw someone post a question recently about tracking down who deleted a stored procedure. I suggested the default trace, and linked to a beginner article on it. However there was another post that had a better way to track … Continue reading

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Image Testing

One of the things I heard recently from someone was that they clicked some of the links in the newsletter and the front page, expecting to read some information, and got sent to an event instead. That was annoying, and … Continue reading

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Moving On

My oldest son graduates high school today. After a long journey, he’s the first of my wife’s and my three kids that is moving on. It’s a big day, and we have almost all our family in town to watch … Continue reading

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A few days off, with family in town, so the blog will be quiet.

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It’s a Data World

I saw this blog about a report from CITA (wireless industry group) that people tend to use their cell phones more for data (text, email, etc.) than for phone calls. I know that I do a lot more data, primarily … Continue reading

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Will People Use This?

The cost of making a trip differently in the US, in terms of time, effort, and driving habits, is small. For any individual trip, I’m not sure how many people will change their habits. My wife doesn’t, and the Prius … Continue reading

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