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PASS, Don’t Waste My Time

Update: Apparently I can’t write, or get a point across from the comments and a few emails, so I have edited this to hopefully make it clearer. The pre/post conference sessions came out today for the 2010 SQL PASS Summit. … Continue reading

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Truncating the Log and Database Mirroring

I saw someone post recently that they wanted to run this code on their principal server in database mirroring to clean out a large transaction log and shrink it. alter database <mydb> set recovery simplegocheckpointgoalter database <mydb> set recovery fullgobackup … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season for SQL Leaving

With the announcement of Brent Ozar (Blog | Twitter ) leaving Quest for SQL Skills, Exceptional DBA finalist Jorge Segarra (blog | twitter) taking a new job far from the Novice Chef, Kathi Kellenberger getting a new job, and more, … Continue reading

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ASK SQLServerCentral – The New Community Model

We had an unexpected switch last weekend. My boss decided that we were ready to move from the Stack Exchange (SE) to an alternative,, without informing any of the people that work on the site. Needless to say this … Continue reading

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Making a Little Effort at Networking – Part 1

I’m not a big networking person. I know that it’s good for my career, but I’ve been lucky enough to get myself fairly well known, my picture is on daily emails from SQLServerCentral, and so a lot of people know … Continue reading

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Speaking and Presenting Tips – Bullets

I’ve heard this before, it came up in the Tufte seminar I took, and it also was something that grated on my nerves at TechEd recently. I was in a presentation and saw a slide titled “Agenda” that had bullet … Continue reading

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The Exceptional DBA of 2010

I’ve been a judge in this contest for the last 3 years, and each years we’ve had really good finalists, but typically a couple that stand out above the others. As we’ve gone through the judges’ voting, we usually agree … Continue reading

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Traveling with Steve

I don’t travel a lot, but with the success of SQL Saturday, I find myself heading out on the road more than I have in the past. I’m not what you’d call an experienced traveler, and Brad McGehee, who travels … Continue reading

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SQL Saturdays are Catching On

Andy Warren (blog| Twitter) sent me a link recently to a piece written by Kalen Delaney on the recent SQL Saturday in Redmond. She gives us the reasons why she wasn’t sure they would be successful, but is pleasantly surprised … Continue reading

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I saw Paul Kenny at the first Business of Software conference, and then had dinner with him, chatting about sales. I actually had our company bring him in for some training and he was back last year again at the … Continue reading

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