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No Guarantees

The keynote for SQL Saturday #52 in Denver, that didn’t go as smoothly as I’d like due to technical difficulties, however I am hoping I got my point across. Here’s what I wanted to say: Who does p90x? Body for … Continue reading

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The Design Investment

How much of an investment should you make in learning design? Steve Jones talks about why we should learn how to do it right. Continue reading

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Grabbing SWAG

It’s getting close to the time for the SQLServerCentral party events this fall, and time to start gathering up SWAG to give to people. In the past, I’ve hosted a SQLServerCentral party at the PASS Summit, and it’s always been … Continue reading

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Common SQL Server Mistakes – Indexing Every Column

If one index helps speed up queries, than more indexes should help more, right? They do, but they also come at a price. Both in performance during data modifications (insert/update/delete), and in terms of space since each index must be … Continue reading

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