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Is Your Database “Web-Scale”?

It’s not safe for work (NSFW), so be sure that you’ve implemented a cone of silence as appropriate for your environment. It’s a parody of the Evo v iPhone video (also NSFW), this time looking at NoSQL and MongoDB v … Continue reading

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Goal Update – Misc accomplishments

I have been trying to better track my goals this year, and find myself failing at some, exceeding at others. I’m not sure if that means that I did a poor job setting goals, or that I’m not so good … Continue reading

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Cloning Virtual Box Images in Windows 7

I use VirtualBox from Sun to do SQL testing since it supports 64-bit guest images, which I want need for some things, like Windows 2008 R2, which only comes in x64. However I hate reinstalling stuff that I don’t need … Continue reading

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In a discussion recently someone mentioned that they built in timing mechanisms into their application so they were aware of how long certain modules or functions were executing. Using this data, they could easily determine if the system was performing … Continue reading

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