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Republish: How Virtualized?

Last day at the MVP Summit, so enjoy this today: How Virtualized?

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Virtual Failback

I saw a very interesting tweet from Scott Stauffer asking this: “… looking for quick’n’easy way to make workload virtual w/ fail-fast method to physical if performance doesn’t meet expectation.” This was part of a conversation Scott was having in looking to … Continue reading

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VMs are not VMs

I was at VMWare recently. One of the main things that all of the SQL Server professionals that were there tried to emphasize is that SQL Server workloads are not like other workloads. The impact on the various host resources, … Continue reading

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How Virtualized?

I went to a talk recently where I saw this statistic: “50% of all workloads were virtualized in 2009. That number is 72% today.” That’s a really big number, at least in my mind. That implies the vast majority of … Continue reading

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