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Confidential VMs

Ever since we started to offload workloads to hardware that we didn’t physically control, there have been security concerns. I remember when this started with application service providers and web workloads. This has continued to be an issue as more … Continue reading

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Google is doing more SQL, or at least shifting towards relational SQL databases as a way of storing data. At least, some of their engineers see this as a better way to store data for many problems. Since I’m a … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Google Mind

I read a quote a few years ago that really resonated with me. The quote is attributed to Jeffrey Hammerbacher, an early Facebook employee that left to found Cloudera, a data analytics company. The quote went like this: “The best … Continue reading

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Better Searching on Google

One of the keys to being a successful technologist is being able to search for information. Google has a lot of operators, and I ran across this list of terms, thanks to Kevin Kline. It’s on the GoogleGuide site and … Continue reading

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