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SQL Saturday #52I am speaking at the upcoming SQL Saturday #52 – Colorado in the Denver Tech Center in a little over a week. I’m doing a presentation on The Modern Resume and a short mini-keynote talk at lunch time, and I’m joined by some amazing speakers, like Kevin Cox from the SQL CAT team, User group President Marc Beacom, and local MVPs Glenn Berry, Paul Nielsen, and Chris Shaw. We have some amazing people coming from out of town like Jack Corbett from Florida and Tim Mitchell from Texas, and Jason Strate from Miinesota. It’s a fantastic lineup with many more talented speakers and the chance for you to get a free day of world class training on things important to your career as a data professional.

Those of us speaking are doing our part to give back to the SQL community, which is an amazing group of people that not only strive to be better at their jobs, but also engage and interact with one another, sharing that knowledge. I’ve learned a lot from many of these people, and hope that I can teach a little bit as well.

However at this SQL Saturday, we are giving everyone the chance to do more than just learn about SQL. You can give back to this local community as well. We will be accepting donations of food that speakers will distribute back to the community food banks and victims of the fire near Boulder in Four Mile Canyon.

There is more to life than our work. The SQL community is here to help you with your career, and we are happy to do that. This is a great way of also looking to give back to the local community in a way that I hope catches on at other events.

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