What Do We Need in SQL Server?

What should be included in the next release of SQL Server? SQL Server 11 is being worked on now, and there are a number of features that I’m sure will be new, as well as some improvements to old features.

But what should be changed/added/improved upon? Brad McGehee asked that question in his September Blog question. There are some really interesting ideas in the comments, and I hope that some of these get submitted to Connect for inclusion in SQL 11, or even SQL 12. The product will always need work, and we should all be looking forward to future versions.

I think the product will evolve in the future, and include more Cloud-like features since SQL Azure is getting a lot of attention and it seems many vendors are looking to push for a more service oriented, cloud-based architecture. However for the foreseeable future, I’d think that the next few versions will continue with the same type of install-an-instance-on-a-server that we’ve been used to.

If you have ideas, or want to lobby for new features, please feel free to include them in the discussion along with your reasons why they are a priority. And if they’re very important to you, please feel free to submit them on Connect and let us know the URL.

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