I don’t love traveling, but after reading this, I am not sure I want to fly anymore. Perhaps I should take fewer trips next year, or stick to those events that I can drive to?

The link is about a plane that supposedly had malware introduced into the airline computer network from a USB drive. The plane subsequently crashed and although it’s debatable whether or not the software was the cause, it’s an issue that needs to be examined.

We use more and more computer systems in our lives, especially in our transportation. Planes, trains, and automobiles, all are becoming more and more computerizes, which I like, but the linkages between all their computer systems is something that concerns me.

It seems that every few months we are constantly finding new ways in which computer systems can be hacked, altered, or changed, despite tremendous efforts on the part of software vendors. I’m not sure that we’ll ever completely secure our systems, which means that the more interconnections, and more access points we have, the more likely that someone will be able to introduce some type of malware into the system.

Which could have extremely serious consequences for our safety.

I don’t like the idea of a USB port in my car having any linkage to the mechanical controls, and I certainly don’t think that this should exist in airplanes. We ought to have a good separation of systems so that a failure or security breech in one, can’t affect any others.

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