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I was in Best Buy, actually returning a couple iPads the other day. I had gotten a few for a Red Gate giveaway and left them at home. I purchased two on the road, and when I got back, I took these back to Best Buy.

I’m still debating if an iPad is worth it for me. I like to read electronically, and I think that I could use some of the features on the iPad to better understand how people are publishing content, as well as do presentations. However it still feels like an electronic toy more than a tool, and I’m not sure if it’s worth the cost.

While I was at Best Buy, I noticed that there was an Android based tablet there, and decided to check it out.

It’s the Huawei Ideos 7″ tablet and it runs Android v2.1. That’s what most Android phones run, though a few have v2.2. I had enjoyed my Android phone in the past, and at $299, this seemed like this might be a good buy.

So I tried to do a few things. It was rather annoying that the Internet wasn’t connected. To me that’s a major failing on the part of Best Buy. You’d think they’d enable a wi-fi link so that you could test a few things.

However it really didn’t matter. I opened the dictionary and tried to look up a few words, and I was amazed by how slow it was to respond, especially with touch on the screen. I don’t remember my phone being that slow to catch a touch, but this took a good half second to pick up a touch, so after the iPhone, it felt like I……..was………typing……..really………slowly…….

Just to check, I popped open the calculator and tried two problems. 9*8 and then 96/12. It took me easily 8-9 seconds each to enter those problems. For comparison, I walked over to the iPad and entered the same problems, both of them, in about 3 sec. For comparison, it was about 8 sec on my Win 7 tablet using the stylus.

That was enough for me. I was hoping that an Android tablet might be a nice alternative, and stack up well at a reduced price, but this isn’t even close. I wouldn’t pay $100 for this one as it’s so slow and annoying to use. The iPad is pricey, but it’s smooth, refined, and it works well. I was looking forward to seeing the Galaxy from Samsung, but after this review from some Red Gate folks, it doesn’t look like it deserves to cost the same as an iPad.

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