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I highly encourage people to blog. I know that not everyone is a writer, but I think that blogging helps build some extremely valuable skills: communication skills. We all need them, and they help us in our careers, no matter what your job.

At SQLServerCentral, we’ve had a blog section for a number of years. We took the open source Blog.Text project from Microsoft originally, and then migrated to the free Community Server software. At some point we upgraded to a real license, and it’s worked OK. I wouldn’t say I think this is a great use of Community Server, especially as it’s embedded in the rest of the SSC site.

However, our license is limited to 100 blogs. We have debated on an upgrade, but the Community Server people have been reluctant to increase our blog license without increasing the forums, photos, etc. and they want a fairly significant 5 figure price tag. I’m not sure it’s worth it to us, especially as blogs don’t generate a lot of traffic.

I still get requests for blogs, and for the most part we are syndicating blogs from people and just displaying the posts from other sites. I suggest to everyone as I don’t have a good backup/export system and most of the main blog platforms (blogger, wordpress, etc) have this built in.

As I needed to add a new one, I removed a few blogs today. I went through the list and checked a few of the blogs, and found a number that had never had a post. So I removed them to make space and keep us at 100 blogs.

I hate to remove the change for blogging from people, but if someone is not blogging at all, then I need the space for now. I’m hoping that we’ll consider moving to a new platform, but like everything else, it’s a question of resources to integrate something else like WordPress into our site, or write our own software.

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