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What's the most RAM you have in a server?

Recently I upgraded the memory in my laptop. For a few hundred dollars, I went to 16GB of RAM, which means that I can more easily run Virtual Machines without a noticeable slowdown on my system. Combining that with an SSD as a second drive, and I have laptop that I think performs well.

For servers, 16GB wouldn’t be much RAM. In fact, I heard from a friend recently who had enough RAM in one of his servers that my jaw dropped open a little.  I know hardware has advanced a lot in the last few years, but I wonder how much of that has filtered down to the average company.

It’s time to brag a bit today, and let others drool over your SQL Server. Give us the answer to this poll question if you can.

What’s the largest amount of RAM in one of your database instances?

I’m looking for the biggest box you have, and then maybe you can let us know how it’s used, or how many people it supports, or some other metrics. Perhaps even tell us the database size, so we can guess what percentage is in cache.

Let us know today just how much RAM you have and how proud you are of your large instances. I’ll say that 16GB is the largest server I have here at the ranch. The SQLServerCentral database servers have 24GB of RAM in their virtual machines.

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