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Temporary Indexes

Recently I was studying for the MCM exam and one of the things that came up in my research was the idea of temporary indexes. I had never used them before and was intrigued by the idea. I have dropped … Continue reading

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When To Hire a DBA

One of the things that I often see on SQLServerCentral’s forumsis a developer struggling with an administration issue or a complex query. It’s natural and even expected since many developers are not as familiar with SQL Server as they are … Continue reading

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What’s Mentoring?

We have just kicked off The Mentoring Experiment after talking about it for months. There has been a lot of interest and quite a few applications submitted. We’ve even had a lot of people ask if we needed help mentoring … Continue reading

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Showing Its Age

I went to register a new car recently at the DMV and couldn’t do it. Apparently the state DMV system in Colorado was down that week, and had been down for two weeks because of a DR situation. The primary … Continue reading

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