The Standard Edition Wish List

The SQL Server Platform. What does Standard Edition Need?

I wrote recently about what might differentiate Enterprise Edition from Standard Edition, and there were some great responses from people. I don’t know if Microsoft will change the way they manage editions, but I know they are aware of the discussions on SQLServerCentral.

This week, however, I wanted to turn things around. I’ve seen a few people talk about the reasons why Enterprise Edition makes sense, or what value you get. That’s good, but what about the people that are just stuck on Standard Edition? Corporate budgets are still tight, and many people might not even upgrade from their current version to SQL 11, even at Standard Edition.

I wanted to see what might make the different for people in those situations. If there’s no hope for Enterprise Edition and you are even debating upgrading to the next Standard Edition version of SQL Server, answer this:

What would you like to see in Standard Edition?

If you had a wish list and could decide that one feature would get moved to Standard Edition, leave us a note in the discussion. Is there any one feature that would make a compelling case for your company to upgrade half their database servers to SQL 11?

Enterprise has many things that you get with that large licensing cost: data compression, larger clustering limits, Resource Governor, partitioning, mirrored backups and more. It’s quite a list of features, but for me,  I’d like to have the ability with Resource Governor to limit the impact of certain groups of users on the server. I’d especially like to be able to throttle down the maintenance operations so they didn’t impact performance as much.

Let me know this Friday what you really want to see in Standard Edition.

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