Preparation for Disaster Talk

This talk looks at the reasons and ways that you might prepare for disaster. I cover a number of areas, some of which might seem obvious, but are often overlooked:

  • What is a disaster?
  • Why Prepare for Disaster?
  • Overview of SLAs
  • Backups as insurance for issues
  • Checks for corruption
  • A checklist of skills to practice
  • Scripting and scheduling

This talk was built at the request of Red Gate Software, my employer, so I have also included a few demos in the talk:

  • Object Level Restore with Data Compare
  • Quick overview of SQL Backup Pro
  • Running DBCC using Virtual Restore

I can also do this talk without the Red Gate demos at a 75 minute pace.

Length: 60 Minutes

General Slides are available on SkyDrive.

Specific Decks for Events:

SQL in the City – LA 2011

SQL Server Connections

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