The 2012 Rally

In case you hadn’t heard, the 2012 SQL Rally will be in Dallas. Andy Warren talks about the process for picking the city, and some of the challenges involved. There was supposed to be an open submission process and then votes from the community, but that didn’t work out. For the record, I completely understand the decision and would like to congratulate Sri, Tim, Sean, and the rest of the Dallas crew that put together a great application for their city. With the defending NBA champs in Dallas and the Rangers nearby, I’m looking forward to going to the Rally next year.

Denver submitted an application, which I wasn’t a part of, but I was contacted by a group of people that wanted to get the Rally in Denver and we were looking to come  up with a way to market the city, get some votes, and get people excited.

That’s done for now, but we won’t give up. Look for us to do some work and try to get the 2013 Rally in late spring, hopefully in time for a few of you to join us in some spring skiing.

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