A Lost Day

I’m not sure what happened, but I had some sort of stomach bug yesterday. I was up throughout the night in the wee hours of Monday with cramps in my stomach or intestines and feeling miserable. Slightly better at 7:30am, I got up and tried to work. Even made some coffee, got a large glass of water and then realized at 9 that I couldn’t work. Lots of painful cramps, and I’d only managed a few sips of coffee and decided to go back to bed.

I could have tried to work some, but it was a struggle to concentrate on anything, so I lay in bed, reading a bit, but mostly trying to sleep away my misery. With a long weekend coming up (6 day holiday) and then a trip to the UK the following weekend for SQL in the City, I didn’t need this. In fact, I couldn’t really spare the day as I need to prep SQLServerCentral for my time away along with reviewing and editing my presentation.

However life gets in the way. I could have stressed and tried to work last night, but I decided that I needed to get better and rest, and I did get to spend a little time with my little girl. She was happy to watch a movie and snuggle in the afternoon with Dad, and so I tried to enjoy that.

Work isn’t smooth. It has bumps, there are times that I need to work long hours to get things done, working late into the night or the weekends. So I’ve learned to relax and not worry about those days that I need a break as well.  Finding that balance in work and life is important, and health is one of those areas that I think work needs to take a backseat to.

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4 Responses to A Lost Day

  1. Tim Costello says:

    Great post. It’s hard to take time from the job to recover, but without those small breaks we are setting ourselves up for a big break that can’t be fixed with a rollback. I had a friend that literally dropped dead at his desk doing his daily dba stuff one day. I love my job, but I’d rather miss a deadline than be dead.


  2. Stephen LaRochelle says:

    If your pain was on your right side, you may want to consider the possibility of gallstones. I’ve had many sleepless nights due to pain caused by that…until I had my gallbladder removed.


  3. way0utwest says:

    Thanks, everyone. Felt better throughout the day yesterday, feel find today. Pain was in the middle of my body, doubling me over. I tend to pay a lot of attention to how my body feels and works, and usually monitor well.

    Hopefully this doesn’t repeat itself. Still can’t figure out what it was. Other than a separate gatorade, soda, and a beer, my daughter and I shared meals. She was fine.


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