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Captain America is recommended for geeks.

I saw Captain America recently and enjoyed it. I’ve been following the Marvel comics as they move to the movie screen, having seen Iron Man and Thor as well, and looking forward to The Avengers next year. My kids have enjoyed the movies as well, and it’s likely to be a nice family night out when it releases.

It’s the middle of summer, with many blockbuster movies released this year that fall into the science fiction, or even geeky, areas at my house. We have had a new Transformers and X-Men movies, Falling Skies on TV, along with a (scary) introduction to Dr. Who for my daughter, and I’ve enjoyed a few books like the Solar Clipper Seriesand the Spinward Fringe series.

We have no shortage of amazing geeky media around here, and I’m wondering if you feel the same. With that in mind, on a middle-of-the-summer Friday, I have a fun, non-database poll for you:

What’s your favorite geek media for 2011?

It could be a book, a movie, or something else. What has excited you in the science fiction world this year? What would you recommend to your fellow geeks that are looking for a diversion from work and want to have some fun?

I have a few listed above, but right now I’m also reading Temporary Duty, about the first trips in space by humans after meeting another race of traders. It’s from the perspective of a second class enlisted man, which is interesting. I’d also recommend The Burning Wire, with the mystery of Jeffrey Deaver meeting electricity in a scary way.

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2 Responses to Geeky Distractions

  1. Glenn Berry says:

    Cowboys and Aliens looks like it will be good. I have been enjoying Falling Skies, so I hope it gets picked up for a second season.


  2. I’ve always enjoyed Terry Pratchett, particularly the witches books.


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