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The Data Resolutions

Making a new year’s resolution is an annual tradition for many people on January 1. Breaking those resolutions seems to be another annual tradition that often takes place during the month of January as we struggle to live up to … Continue reading

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How Many Calls? Part 2

I wrote recently about a report that a friend of mine needed from his Access database. In the first post, I used a CTE and an outer join to cull together some data, however since I wasn’t sure Access would … Continue reading

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The Year in Review – 2011

It’s the end of the year, and I’m taking a look back at 2011 from the data perspective. As we close out the year, it’s apparent that “big data” has been catching on with many companies. It seems that every … Continue reading

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Data and Privacy

Recently there’s been quite an outcry over Carrier IQ’s software, which is on many smartphones and allows keystroke logging and capture of almost anything you do on your phone and transmit. Google’s Eric Schmidt condemned the use of the software, and … Continue reading

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