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Returning Results from an Insert – OUTPUT clause

I needed to return an identity value recently from an insert for use in another piece of code. For a client front end, you can easily encapsulate your insert in a stored procedure and then SELECT scope_identity() to get the … Continue reading

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Should we outsource identity management

My Database Weekly editorial for Jan 30, 2012 One of the first things many people build when they’re developing an application these days on the web is a login/identity system for their users. This allows them to identify people, customize … Continue reading

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Morale Data

Would you use this site to enter your morale at work? It’s an idea by a new company that should enable employees to enter information about how they feel at work, how their job is going, and other meta data that describes their attitude … Continue reading

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A Quick Export with SQL Packager

Disclosure: I work for Red Gate Software Someone asked me the other day if I’d ever used SQL Packager to export a table to send to another person. I hadn’t, and in fact hadn’t even ever run the tool, but … Continue reading

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