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Would you use this service to make work more happy?

Would you use this site to enter your morale at work? It’s an idea by a new company that should enable employees to enter information about how they feel at work, how their job is going, and other meta data that describes their attitude for the day. Managers get access to an aggregated look at their employees, as well as anonymous feedback about the way people feel about their jobs.

As much as I’d like to say this is a good idea, I can see this being more of a tool for abuse than a tool for making changes. I suspect most managers would take negative feedback personally and investigate more, perhaps even asking network people to comb through logs to find out who posted comments, or perhaps even assume that a particular employee had written the commend without any evidence. We are often entirely petty in our reactions to criticisms, and I’m not sure most of the managers I have worked with would actually use this data to improve the way they perform their job.

However this is exactly the type of data that might really help some companies improve their internal operations. If they care about their employees, and want to retain the skilled knowledge workers, this type of site could help identify groups of people that are unhappy, or even managers that need improvements in their own skills. I do like that this is a third party site, which gives me some degree of confidence that this data could remain anonymous, something I wouldn’t assume would happen if the software were hosted on a company’s own servers.

I would like to know if any of you would use this type of tool at your job, and if you think it would help your company’s morale. In order for it to work, I think that the various manager’s bonus plan would need to be based on the results. Even if the manager’s “gamed” the system a bit to get a better score, that would result in a better work environment for most employees. One word of caution: if you do criticize managers, be careful how you do so. Some people can be identified by their word choice and writing style. Have someone review your message before you post it and let you know if the writing reads like your other communications.

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