The Connections Launch Event

The SQLServerCentral track at SQL Server Connections

The Spring SQL Server Connections conference will be one of the launch events for SQL Server 2012, the next version of the platform that we write about every day. This spring SQLServerCentral is sponsoring a track again, with Brad McGehee, Grant Fritchey, and myself speaking in one room. We’re all focusing on SQL Server 2012, trying to get ready to upgrade and use the new features.

However we’re only a small part of the SQL Server track. headlines the track, as they have for many years, with Kimberly L. Tripp, Paul Randal, and Jonathan Kehayias presenting some amazing information based on their years of experience (go to one of the classes if you can). Paul and Kimberly have also invited a number of other great speakers, including Aaron Bertrand, Allen White, Brent Ozar, Glenn Berry, Mike Walsh, and more. These are the people that write many of books, blogs, and articles that you read to learn more about the SQL Server platform.

The DevConnections conferences are a great place to not only learn about SQL Server, but also learn about all parts of the Microsoft technology stack. There are nine conferences in all taking place at the same time, covering Windows, Visual Studio, Sharepoint, Exchange, and more. There’s even a Cloud Connections, dealing with those issues that you’ll find when working with the Microsoft Azure products.

It’s still winter in many parts of the US, so schedule your own “spring break” from work and come to Las Vegas this spring. The weather will be great, and you’ll have the chance to learn about all different type of Microsoft technologies and platforms in a fun environment. You can even take in an amazing show one of your nights in town and let your brain relax from all the tech talk during the day.

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