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The stand up desk experiment from Buck Woody

Many of us work with computers extensively, day after day. It’s easy to fall into the habits of working in a particular way, and we’ve seen recommendations from health professionals about the dangers of our environment. I’ve written in the past about your heath being an investment you ought to make, and there are numerous places where you can learn how to better structure a healthy work environment. You might even want to try a new type of desk, asBuck Woody has done.

However it’s not just the desk you work at that might be a problem. There’s an article that talks about the dangers of mobile devices, and the potential problems of working while on the go, in bed, etc. As we use these devices more and more, it’s possible that we are inducing other repetitive motion injuries, similar to carpal tunnel syndrome. If you are a heavy user or a tablet, smartphone, or other device away from your desk, I would recommend you read the article and think about how you use your device.

I am fortunate in that I work at home, on my own schedule, and can adjust my work as needed to avoid injury. I don’t work on any one thing for a long time, end up taking frequent break, especially this month with a new puppy, and often move my work environment to different locations for short periods of time. You’re as likely to find me working in bed as at my desk, and I can often spend an hour at the kitchen counter or the couch as well during the day. There’s also that running thing I do every day, usually at lunch.

Working in IT is a great job, IMHO. We have a good work situation, one that doesn’t tax us physically and one we can probably easily do until we retire. However it’s easy to be complacent, and induce our own health issues by not taking care of ourselves. Look over your environment, make changes to keep it healthy, and pay attention to the way you treat yourself. You’ll be glad you did so in a decade or two.

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