Google Research

Interesting to see someone talking about all the research Google is spending money on, which aren’t directly related to their core business. The piece is a bit of a complaint, and it’s a valid one for shareholders.

Personally I like what Google is doing. They’re experimenting, they’re trying to see if there are things that might work. Things that might impact their business. Or perhaps, give them a new business to get into.

I hate that Google is getting so concerned about money in many ways. To me, that’s a sign they are losing their way a bit, focusing more on the money of their business, than the money. I like seeing them doing things other than just making money. To me, once a company gets too caught up in their stock price, and what it is doing, they start to go downhill.

However they can go too far, and waste too much money. It’s good that people are keeping an eye on them. Reign in things that are wasting too much money, or going on without producing anything, but let them do some research.

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