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The High Availability Poll

The cost of building highly available databases dropped with the introduction of Database Mirroring in 2005. Without the need to purchase identical hardware for a spare system, it became much easier and less expensive to set up extra systems that … Continue reading

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Password Help

In case you haven’t heard, LinkedIn passwords were hacked and posted online. If you haven’t changed your LinkedIn password since the attack, please stop reading and go do it now. In reading about the attack, I sent a few friends a … Continue reading

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The Redmond Agenda

  TechEd was recently held in Orlando, and I watched a few highlights of the event remotely from the ranch in Colorado. One thing was quite apparent from the coverage is that the cloud is very important to Microsoft. They’ve … Continue reading

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Using a Symmetric Key

In my Encryption Primer talk, I do demo on symmetric key use, and wanted to document it here. Encryption is a serious subject, and please do your research and education, as well as testing, before you implement it. This post … Continue reading

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