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The High Availability Poll

The cost of building highly available databases dropped with the introduction of Database Mirroring in 2005. Without the need to purchase identical hardware for a spare system, it became much easier and less expensive to set up extra systems that … Continue reading

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Password Help

In case you haven’t heard,┬áLinkedIn passwords were hacked and posted online. If you haven’t changed your LinkedIn password since the attack, please stop reading and go do it now. In reading about the attack, I sent a few friends a … Continue reading

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The Redmond Agenda

  TechEd was recently held in Orlando, and I watched a few highlights of the event remotely from the ranch in Colorado. One thing was quite apparent from the coverage is that the cloud is very important to Microsoft. They’ve … Continue reading

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Using a Symmetric Key

In my Encryption Primer talk, I do demo on symmetric key use, and wanted to document it here. Encryption is a serious subject, and please do your research and education, as well as testing, before you implement it. This post … Continue reading

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