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Is Empowerment Good?

When I started working in business, PCs were just coming to use in the company where I worked. Not everyone had a computer, which may shock some of you. We had shared computers in some places, and there were people … Continue reading

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I’m Going on Tour

I’ve done quite a bit of speaking over the last few years, which has required a lot of travel. I had 15 events that I attended last year, only one of which was in Denver, so I spent quite a … Continue reading

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Create Your Own Intense Interview

Are you unhappy in your job? Do you work too many hours? Is the work environment causing you stress or unhappiness? In all of those situations, I counsel people to look for another job. Make a plan to move on … Continue reading

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The Standing Desk Experiment

I’ve had a few friends using standing desks for sometime. I first heard about Greg Gonzalez (sqlSentry | Blog | @SQLSensei), fellow runner and one of the smartest SQL people using a treadmill desk. I saw it in his office … Continue reading

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Detecting Database Option Changes with DDL Triggers

One of the keys to managing a large production SQL Server environment is being aware of changes that are taking place in the environment, and preventing potentially harmful changes. There are any number of ways to do this: triggers, auditing, … Continue reading

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Exercise in the Margins

This article about exercising when you can is really interesting. It contains a number of hints about exercising and fitting it in, but fitting it into your life, as you live it. I especially like the note about the fact … Continue reading

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A Break from Data

This Friday is the start of the Memorial Day holiday in the US. Many companies allow employees time off, making this a long weekend to celebrate the start of summer. Cooking outside and camping have been ways in which my … Continue reading

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Making New Infrastructure Investments

I was at a cloud conference recently, learning about the different ways in which people are starting to use cloud services. To be clear, I know that the cloud is nothing new, but it does have the potential to change the … Continue reading

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Always restore with NORECOVERY

Always, always, ALWAYS restore a SQL Server database with the NORECOVERY option. It’s trivial to switch the database online. Not trivial to recover from an accidental restore with RECOVERY (the default) ‘nuff said.

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Lifehacking – Not such a good idea?

I read the confessions of a recovering Lifehacker and thought it was an interesting read. It seems that the author has started to realize that while you can make some differences in the small stuff in your life, it’s just … Continue reading

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