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Rebooting for a Reason

I’ve worked with computers for a long time. I’ve helped support various systems and applications, both desktop and servers. One of the most common tricks that has served me well is to press to oh-en-oh-eff-eff switch twice. In other words, … Continue reading

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Final Thoughts

I am a fan of Walt Mossberg. I have read his work and seen him interview many famous people in technology across the years. He has been quite an influential reviewer and commenter. If you haven’t ever read anything from him, … Continue reading

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Laptop Cattle

I traveled to Cambridge recently for some meetings at Redgate Software and to attend SQL Bits. I arrived on Tuesday, worked a bit, and then came back to the office Wednesday for the SQL Clone launch (a success, by the … Continue reading

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Is Skynet Coming?

That’s the question this week: Is Skynet coming? I read a piece recently that noted Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates have warned us about artificial intelligence. They have been quoted as this is potentially something that the human race … Continue reading

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