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Identity Insert and Table Variables – CONNECT issue

I was running some code the other day and was surprised by the result. DECLARE @tmp TABLE (myID INT IDENTITY,MyChar VARCHAR(200)) INSERT INTO @tmp(MyChar) Values(‘Apple’) INSERT INTO @tmp(MyChar) Values(‘Peach’) INSERT INTO @tmp(MyChar) Values(‘Pear’) DELETE FROM @tmp WHERE myID = 2 … Continue reading

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The Copy Cat Poll

One of the interesting facts I saw a few years ago talked about storage in enterprise environments. There was research that showed many enterprise applications had 6 or 7 copies of their large databases inside the organization. In addition to … Continue reading

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Who’s Responsible

This is really scary. Someone being sued for downloading a porn movie illegally. I have nothing against porn, and I certainly think that downloading stuff that’s a copyright violation shouldn’t be mainstream as in Amazon giving away movies for free … Continue reading

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