Off to the Center of the Universe

“New York City…center of the universe..” – Rent

I’m off to New York this morning for the start of the 2012 SQL in the City US Tour. It kicks off tomorrow in New York City.

As this posts, I’ve just dropped my son off at school early for a Future Business Leaders of America field trip as I head off on a field trip of my own. This is the start of a few busy weeks as I deliver presentations in 5 cities in two weeks.

I’ve got a group with me as well. A number of talented developers and business people from Red Gate software, along with my co-worker Grant Fritchey (b | t) will be at all the events. We have some special guest speakers at each stop as well from the local areas and I’m hoping we deliver some great talks that you enjoy.

We had a great time this past July in London and I’m looking forward to these events over the next two weeks.

I don’t love the travel, and I’m popping in and out of home the next two weeks between some of the stops. However I love my family and my bed, and the chance to get home for a day is worth a little extra travel.

New York is an amazing city, and I love visiting it. I’m hoping to get into the city and checked in by 4pm at the latest. Then I’ll head over the Central Park for a run. If you want to join me, I’ll be coming up 7th to the park, hopefully by 4:15 at the latest, but watch Twitter.

Red Gate puts on a great event, and I look forward to seeing some of you in New York, or at any of the other cities on the tour.

If you wonder where the lyrics at the top come from, watch this:

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