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Staging Deployments

Software development can be a complicated dance. Most of us do not work for a software vendor and don’t have the strict requirements for our deployments when we control the client systems. That doesn’t mean it’s easier for us, especially … Continue reading

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SQL Server Thumbnail Metrics – OS Memory

I’m gathering a few metrics around the Internet for SQL Server from people that I think really know how to run a SQL Server. This is a series of posts that I’m making to gather these metrics up for easy … Continue reading

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Don’t Explain Too Much

I was reading a note recently from a DBA working at a software company. Their management wanted to ensure clients had a simple backup solution and were leaning towards Windows OS backup instead of SQL Server backups. They were planning … Continue reading

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Regulators, Mount Up

I have an encryption talk that I give and usually find a few people in the audience that have implemented encryption. In almost every case this has been because of PCI or HIPAA regulations that dramatically reduce penalties if data is encrypted. … Continue reading

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