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Renting Features

The licensing, use, and ownership of software has been quite a contested topic for years. Many people have assumed they “own” the copy of Quicken or Halo that they bought, but modifying or even reselling the bits has been a … Continue reading

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Technology has brought some challenges to travel. There is the bomb threat, of which I have no way to gauge how much of a potential problem this is on a daily basis. Certainly security at airports has changed over the … Continue reading

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Republish: What’s a Toaster?

A second republish today, but it’s one of my favorites: What’s a Toaster?

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Software Patents

This editorial was originally published on Jan 30, 2014. It is being re-published as Steve is out of town. I highly dislike the current patent system in the US. I think awarding patents for an idea like “1-click purchasing” is … Continue reading

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