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Google aims to use a "database of everything" to satisfy search queries.

Google aims to use a “database of everything” to satisfy search queries.

Google does some amazing things. In many ways I like the company and their emphasis on data. I’m not sure I’d want to work there or fit into the culture, but the company tackles some problems that could really change many of our daily lives. They experiment with many projects, one of which is the driverless car project. I’m particularly interested in seeing seeing how that might influence the world.

One of their other projects seems more ambitious. The Knowledge Graph project aims to use a database of everything in the world (according to this piece) and provide even more information to people using the Google search engine. In addition to search results, the idea is that you can get other facts and information about the topic you are searching for.

Whether it works well or not, it’s certainly an interesting idea. Can we build engines that can divine the context of what we are looking for? If we can do this often enough, then the idea of interactive computers, like the ones on Star Trek, might be closer than we think. Perhaps there’s a way for us to actually mine the data we have about a customer, or a situation, and present results that are more relevant and useful. Perhaps we can build software that can do more than just automate tasks and can help us better analyze information with new ideas or concepts as it interacts with us.

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