Off to Redmond

Actually I’m off to Bellevue this week for the annual MVP Summit that Microsoft puts on each year. This is a conference, with over 1000 MVPs attending where we get the chance to hear presentations and interact with the developers in our particular areas. I’ll be in downtown Bellevue for a few days this week, hopefully learning more about how SQL Server works and getting an idea on the directions the product will take in the next year or two. With all the attention on Azure, and work continuing on the next boxed version of SQL Server, I’m looking forward to many of the sessions.]

As with most of the MVP events I attend, I can’t talk about much that goes on. We are under strict NDAs and until Microsoft decides to release something publicly, I won’t be writing.

However I will be getting prepared to talk about things when they come out, along with many other MVPs. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can disclose information to you that will make your jobs easier.

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