Why SQL Server?

I love this logo, and I love working with SQL Server.

I love this logo, and I love working with SQL Server.

Over the last few months I’ve met quite a few people that were just starting to work with SQL Server. For many of them, they’ve attended talks or presentations of mine or others, trying to learn enough to become more competent at their jobs. As is the case for many people starting out with a technology, they were thrown into it at their job and are struggling to understand the technology.

That’s how I started, but I’m wondering if that’s how most of you started. I would guess most of us didn’t necessarily choose to work with this platform, but since that time, many of us have had other choices. This Friday, I wanted to ask about your work in the SQL Server world and participation at SQLServerCentral.

Why do you work with SQL Server?

It’s a simple question, but one that many of you might not think about. Are you stuck with SQL Server? Did you fall into this role and enjoy it? Or have you never considered moving on? A lot of people get stuck in ruts, especially ones that work well for them, without ever considering other options.

For me, I fell into SQL Server when an instance was installed on my Novell network. I enjoyed working with sets of data and was amazed at how much easier it was to work with SQL Server than Oracle, and how much better performance was over dBase. It didn’t hurt that the pay for database work was great, but I have enjoyed working with SQL Server, and with short forays into the DB2, Oracle, and MySQL worlds, I’ve learned that I enjoy SQL Server more.

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