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I believe that we should all give back to the world outside of our families at some point in our lives. This might not be the time for you, and you might not have a cause right now. However I … Continue reading

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Flight Data

I’m getting ready to fly tomorrow, heading to SQL Saturday #175 in Fargo, ND. I have a morning flight, to give me a little time in the afternoon to go see the woodchipper. That’s if I don’t have any delays. I … Continue reading

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Adding Data to Filestream with T-SQL

I’ve written on how to enable Filestream and how to add a filegroup, but I haven’t touched the Filestream impact on your tables. This post will look at the table side of Filestream and how you get your binary data … Continue reading

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Natural Data

Can you own data? In one sense, that’s what the arguments before the US Supreme Court over a Myriad Genetics patent are about. The company has patents for a few genes, which in and of itself, are really just data about a … Continue reading

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