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Two in Two Days

It’s a busy week for me. I’ve got quite a few articles to review, feedback to write for Stairway Series authors, review and changes of some PowerPoint decks for later this month, and two User Group presentations. This is on … Continue reading

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Managing Data in a FileTable with T-SQL

I wrote a post about creating a Filetable, which just covered the basics of how to build one. How do you work with the data in this table? In this post I’ll look at a few things you can do … Continue reading

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Adding Data to Filestream with T-SQL

I’ve written on how to enable Filestream and how to add a filegroup, but I haven’t touched the Filestream impact on your tables. This post will look at the table side of Filestream and how you get your binary data … Continue reading

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Filestream and Filetable in SQL Server

This talk is an update of my Unstructured Data in SQL Server talk that looks at the Filestream and Filetable features of SQL Server. This session begins by presenting a case why we will manage more binary (unstructured data) in … Continue reading

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T-SQL Tuesday #40– File and Filegroups

It’s the second Tuesday of the month and time for T-SQL Tuesday again. This is a monthly blog party, where the participants write on a particular theme. This month Jen McCown, of Midnight DBA fame, invites us to talk about … Continue reading

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SQL Saturday #132 Files

Uploaded here if you need them. These are the PPT deck and the code. UnstructuredData.zip EncryptionPrimer.zip

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Create a Filestream Filegroup for Filetables – SQL Server 2012

Once you’ve enabled filestream, the next step is to add a filegroup to your database to hold the filestream data. This is pretty easy to do, and I’ll show you the SSMS and code versions. If you want to know … Continue reading

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Unstructured Data in SQL Server

Abstract: More and more of our data does not fit neatly into a structured, relational model of rows and columns of data. In this session, you will learn about how SQL Server stores unstructured data, with a special emphasis on … Continue reading

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Enabling Filestream in SQL Server 2012

Filestream is a cool feature, albeit one that’s cumbersome to use in SQL Server 2008 and R2. However the FileTable feature in SQL Server 2012 builds on Filestream and you must enable this feature for FileTable to work. There is … Continue reading

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