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SQL Clone Works with FILESTREAM

SQL Clone is an amazing product that virtualizes your data, allowing multiple instances to share a read only image, but still produce writeable databases that look normal to SQL Server. It’s similar to how a container appears to a user, … Continue reading

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Two in Two Days

It’s a busy week for me. I’ve got quite a few articles to review, feedback to write for Stairway Series authors, review and changes of some PowerPoint decks for later this month, and two User Group presentations. This is on … Continue reading

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Managing Data in a FileTable with T-SQL

I wrote a post about creating a Filetable, which just covered the basics of how to build one. How do you work with the data in this table? In this post I’ll look at a few things you can do … Continue reading

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Adding Data to Filestream with T-SQL

I’ve written on how to enable Filestream and how to add a filegroup, but I haven’t touched the Filestream impact on your tables. This post will look at the table side of Filestream and how you get your binary data … Continue reading

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