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Teams in SQL Clone and SQL Provision

SQL Clone v4 is out, and the big change is the addition of the Teams feature. I guess technically this is just for SQL Clone, which is included in SQL Provision, but hey, I need the Google juice with both … Continue reading

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Powershell and Data Masking with SQL Provision

Just a quick post here after the PASS Marathon Webinar during which I talked about the GDPR effects around the world. In the talk, I demo’d SQL Provision, which is SQL Clone + Data Masker for SQL Server. Someone asked … Continue reading

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Virtual Data

Yesterday I republished an editorial from 2014 for the holiday. The topic was production subsets of data, which has been something that many data professionals have struggled with for years. Many of us have built scripts to delete, change, obfuscate, or alter … Continue reading

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My Second Pester Test

I should write about my first one, but I just copied Rob’s test, so that’s not so exciting. Instead, I decided to take his advice and write some code, then decide how I test it. This isn’t really TDD, but … Continue reading

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