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Two in Two Days

It’s a busy week for me. I’ve got quite a few articles to review, feedback to write for Stairway Series authors, review and changes of some PowerPoint decks for later this month, and two User Group presentations. This is on … Continue reading

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FileTable– Using GetParent for Inserts

In a previous post, I looked at the ways in which I could insert files into a Filetable folder programmatically. I used a NEWID() generation process, which mimics the constraint that is coded in the Filetable schema. However there was … Continue reading

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Filetable–Nesting folders and files

In previous posts I showed how to create a folder in a Filetable and also how to the create (and move) files into the subfolder. However I didn’t repeat that and wanted to test the ability to actually nest things … Continue reading

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Filetable–Moving files programmatically

I’ve been playing with Filetable and I was asked an interesting question. Can I move files to a folder programmatically? It’s trivial to do this in Explorer. Just drag and drop, and I’d expect that most people using Filetable from … Continue reading

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