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Two in Two Days

It’s a busy week for me. I’ve got quite a few articles to review, feedback to write for Stairway Series authors, review and changes of some PowerPoint decks for later this month, and two User Group presentations. This is on … Continue reading

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FileTable– Using GetParent for Inserts

In a previous post, I looked at the ways in which I could insert files into a Filetable folder programmatically. I used a NEWID() generation process, which mimics the constraint that is coded in the Filetable schema. However there was … Continue reading

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Filetable–Nesting folders and files

In previous posts I showed how to create a folder in a Filetable and also how to the create (and move) files into the subfolder. However I didn’t repeat that and wanted to test the ability to actually nest things … Continue reading

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Filetable–Moving files programmatically

I’ve been playing with Filetable and I was asked an interesting question. Can I move files to a folder programmatically? It’s trivial to do this in Explorer. Just drag and drop, and I’d expect that most people using Filetable from … Continue reading

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FileTables–Inserting Directories from T-SQL

Creating a directory in a Filetable share is easy. It looks like this: It’s hard to see, but this was a right click, New, Folder in the share from Windows Explorer. However what about creating a directory from T-SQL? That’s … Continue reading

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FileTable–Adding a file to a folder

At my Filestream/Filetable talk yesterday at SQL Intersection, someone asked me about programmatically adding a file to a Filetable. Easy enough, I thought, since I’d seen someone do this in .NET and was thinking this has to be simple. Turns … Continue reading

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Managing Data in a FileTable with T-SQL

I wrote a post about creating a Filetable, which just covered the basics of how to build one. How do you work with the data in this table? In this post I’ll look at a few things you can do … Continue reading

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Filestream and Filetable in SQL Server

This talk is an update of my Unstructured Data in SQL Server talk that looks at the Filestream and Filetable features of SQL Server. This session begins by presenting a case why we will manage more binary (unstructured data) in … Continue reading

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SQL Saturday #132 Files

Uploaded here if you need them. These are the PPT deck and the code. UnstructuredData.zip EncryptionPrimer.zip

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Creating a Filetable

How do you create a filetable? I assume you’ve enabled Filestream and created a filegroup for your filestream and filetable data. Then you just do this: — Create a filetable CREATE TABLE AuthorDrafts AS FileTable GO The only optional part … Continue reading

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