Customizing SSMS–Results

This is a short series on some customizations in SSMS to make it visually more appealing.

As a presenter, I’ve learned how to change the way Management Studio (SSMS) looks to make it easier for people to see the screen on a projector. I had wrongly assumed that so many people knew many of these tricks, which is a poor attitude on my part. That should be especially apparent as I saw a presentation recently where the speaker didn’t know how to make things easier to see.

In a previous post I talked about changing the query font size. In this post we’ll look at result sizes.

The Defaults

This is what I see, and it’s not easy to read.


The results are much smaller than the query itself. How can we change this and make things easier to read?

I wrote about one way: using results to text. This works well, but it isn’t the best solution for everyone, and you still want to change the size of your results. The technique I’ll show you works for that as well.


If you go to the Tools | Options menu, in the Fonts tab as I showed in the last post, you’ll find there’s a drop down titled “Show settings for:” at the top. If you select Grid results, you can change the font settings.


The default is 8, and I usually up that a bit.


Once that is done, you click OK, and get this note:


Make sure your tabs are saved, since you need to restart SSMS. Once you do, your results will be much easier to read.


Note that in the drop down for settings, there is an item for “Results to text”. If you change that, your text results will be larger.

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2 Responses to Customizing SSMS–Results

  1. skreebydba says:

    Steve, thanks for posting this. I am just starting to present and this provides a nice alternative to ZoomIt. Plus less chance of causing motion sickness.


    • way0utwest says:

      Glad you liked it. This is what I do, but feel free to experiment. In SSMS 2012, there’s also a zoom slider. Zoomit works, but practice, and try to limit the motion. Zoom to your mouse and then zoom back out.


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