SQL in the City Goes Mobile

sitc_e.jpgThis week is the kickoff of the third year of SQL in the City from Red Gate. As we have the other years, we start 2013 off in London, and I’ll be leaving Wednesday on a quick trip across the water to speak. I’m looking forward to seeing lots of familiar faces and a few new ones as well. These events are always fun and well run by the staff from Red Gate. We have a new venue this year, the Congress Centre in the West End as well, which means more Underground map reading and memories for me as I make my way across the city from Heathrow. I lived just off Bayswater Road for a semester in college and it’s always nice to wander around the area and look for familiar landmarks.

We’ve gone mobile this year, so if you’re coming to the event, check out our app at http://m.twoppy.com/sitc-ldn/, It’s a great way to get information on the event and follow along with what’s happening. I don’t know how much I’ll be tweeting this year since I’ve got four talks scheduled, but I’ll get a few in here and there.

The event is full, so if you aren’t coming, please cancel and allow someone from the waiting list to take your place.

If you’re in the US, our fall our will kick off in California in October and make it’s way across the US for 2 additional dates. You can get more information at the SQL in the City site.

See you in London.

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