SQL in the City in the fall of 2013

This fall I’ll be attending a number of SQL in the City events in the US. Once again we have a tour, though it’s a shorter tour than the 5 events in two weeks I was on last year.

One of my feedback items last year was that we should be able to do a SQL in the City event that’s smaller. The big events are fun and amazing, but they’re also hard to put together and expensive. I’d rather do an event for a smaller audience, and at a much lower cost, and get to do 10 of them a year.

Someone listened to me and we ended up scheduling 5 seminar events  (2 listed for now) along with 3 big ones in the US. We held a DBA oriented event in March of this year, and a development based one in Sacramento in July. Both went over well, and we have a few more scheduled later in the year.

SQL in the City – The DBA Team, San Diego, CA, Sept 20, 2013 – We covered a number of items in Richmond, and we’ve scheduled a few sessions on backups, monitoring, and one TBD. This will be a half day on Friday, before SQL Saturday #249 on Saturday. I’ll be speaking there as well. If you can come, register for both.

SQL in the City – The Development Seminar, Denver, CO, Sept 27, 2013. This seminar flows well as we present talks on putting your database under version control, automating your database build and test with continuous integration and smoothing out the deployment of your application and database. I’ll actually be presenting all three talks myself as Grant is other commitments this weekend. I’ll also be at SQL Saturday #190 on Saturday in Denver.

SQL in the City – Pasadena 2013 in Pasadena, CA, October 9, 2013. The first of our large events in the US this year. We’re back in LA, near the Red Gate office in Pasadena. We’ll have a large staff for this all day event, which should be a great time for all. We hope to see you there for a mix of administrative and development topics.

SQL in the City – Atlanta 2013, Atlanta, GA, October 11, 2013. We’re crossing the country for a Friday event in the South. My first time speaking in Atlanta, and I’m hoping to see something in the city before I leave. This will also be a mix of administrative and development topics.

SQL in the City – Charlotte 2013, in Charlotte, NC on October 14, 2013. This is the final stop on our 2013 large tour, with us again covering administrative and development topics. If you can’t attend the PASS Summit and you live nearby, here’s a full day of free training. If you are attending the Summit, feel free to register for this on Monday if you are in town.

We’ve tentatively scheduled one final Stairway to Development in Washington DC in December, just before the SQL Saturday there. More details to follow soon, and there’s a chance we’ll add a sixth one as well.

Hopefully I’ll see some of you at one of these events. Whether we’ve met before, please feel free to say hi and shake my hand.


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