Labor Day 2013

It’s a holiday in the US today. It’s Labor Day, and many in the US have a break. With a holiday late last week, this turns into a 5 day weekend for me. That’s unusual for me as I struggle to take time off. I enjoy my job, and it seems that I have no shortage of tasks I can find during the week. I’m trying to do better. Vacation is important, and I’m hoping to fit in more across the next few months.

Most of us work as labor for some enterprise. Whether it’s an employer or our own business, we work to earn an income, support our families and, hopefully, find some sense of purpose in our efforts.

Work is hard, and every job is work at some point, but I hope you enjoy your employment more days than you don’t, especially the work in technology. The tools, capabilities and amazing things we can do in the digital world are very exciting.

I’ve got a blooper real for the podcast that I hope you enjoy today if you’re reading the newsletter. For those of you around the world, I know many of you may be working today, but I hope you have your own holiday at some point during the year that recognizes the efforts you put in.


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