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Best Practices for Database Deployment

The easiest part of any deployment is running the deployment script on production. But what have you done to prepare that script for production? Was the script tested? Is the script tightly coupled with the application code? The difference between … Continue reading

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Automated Build and Test

Continuous Integration (CI) is a well known process in the software development world, but it’s not often implemented with databases. This is despite the fact that database code could benefit from the practice of checking the changes on a regular … Continue reading

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Team-based Database Development with Version Control

An efficient development process requires that all of your team members coordinate their efforts. This session shows how a version control system (VCS) and standard development practices help improve the speed and quality of your development process. This talk will … Continue reading

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Filestream needs MAX

I wrote today’s Question of the Day for SQLServerCentral on Filestream. I asked which data type was needed for Filestream data, and gave a few choices. Someone pointed out that I wasn’t complete in my choices, and that was by … Continue reading

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