Powershell in a Month Day 8 – Objects: data by another name

This is part of my Powershell Challenge, to learn more about PowerShell (PoSh) using the Learn Windows Powershell 3 in a Month of Lunches book by Don Jones.

What are objects? I’ve always found that to be a hard question to answer if I’m talking to someone that doesn’t understand how to program. The explanation here is simple, relating each row of results to an object, and the entire result as a collection. It’ s a little simplistic, but it works for Powershell. The whole idea, really, is to understand that these objects have types (each field or column) and those types matter because they affect what we can do with the output of each part of a PoSh process.

Get-Member is the big introduction here, to help you find out what the properties and methods are for these objects. I have the feeling this is handy because when things don’t work right and you are debugging, Get-Member (or gm) is probably very handy. The other commands that are introduced here and are handy are the SortObject (or Sort) and Select-Object (or Select). These are easy concepts for me, because the way they work, with multiple columns and ascending or descending (-desc) are very similar to SQL Server.

Overall, it’s a short chapter, but I feel like it’s starting to be more useful. I can pick and choose, easily, which columns I want, sort them, and find the various ways I can interact with an object. The lab was easy, feeling more like writing simple T-SQL queries than anything else.

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